How I Work

Qualifications: PhD, MA, Pg: Dip, BSc: Hons, BACP-reg.

I am a BACP-accredited psychodynamic psychotherapist with a Masters in Integrative counselling and psychotherapy, extensive training in psychoanalysis, and a PhD in Psychosocial Studies.

I work with individuals either in person, online or by telephone in an open-ended way, or for just a few sessions, depending on need. Sessions last for 50 minutes.

Some of the issues I have experience working with are complex trauma, psychosis, class, race and ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality, adoption, abuse, addiction, and leaving narcissistic relationships.  I also have specialised experience of working with religious abuse and ex cult members.

I work with a commitment to social justice and human rights and I keep in mind the inequalities and power relations that constitute each person’s place in the world in disparate ways.  I am feminist, queer-positive, trans and gender-affirming.  I understand how pathologizing normative and reductive belief systems can be and how those with privilege (gendered, racialised, economic or otherwise) can abuse their power in subtle and manipulative ways.  I also recognise how harmful the western psychiatric industrial complex and mental health care system can be – particularly to people with disabilities or otherwise marginalised and oppressed – and for these reasons I always adapt my approach to the needs and wishes of the person who comes for therapy and their own experience of the world. 

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